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The Wallflower

She really had no choice in the matter; she was planted there. And with no feet to walk, no hands to crawl, and no mouth to cry for help, she knew she would remain there until from death, she withered away.

Rooted next to the white wall of a simple cottage, this lonely honeysuckle was a wallflower.

Nothing can sum up the fear and anguish that comes to mind when one thinks of what it's like to be trapped. Normally, the idea of choice is what gives birth to feelings of hope and control, but without choice there is nothing but fate, and with that comes feelings of despair.

As humans, we tend to find comfort in specific outlets that grant us a chance to escape, whether mentally, emotionally, or even physically. These outlets are like a small breath of fresh air when we feel like we are choking, or perhaps drowning. Even if the amount of air is minuscule, it is always just enough to give us the energy to continue with our current journey. For humans, there is always a choice, a chance, to escape when we are afraid or to fight when we are angry. Even a chance to embrace when we are happy, or to cry when we are sad. 

Compared to the flower, humans have it easy.

Like any human, trapped in a difficult situation, she was aware of her dilemma, but unlike her human owners, she could do nothing about it.

So she looked up at the light blue sky and white fluffy clouds, trying to find a way to escape from her prison - or at least, dull the pain that was growing from within.

Watching the white clouds floating across the sky helped her forget, but only for a moment. Always for a moment.